Panopto Transition

As the University of Chicago continues to expand the learning technologies available to campus, the Academic Technology Solutions organization conducted a critical analysis of the current and future needs of the use of video by instructors, students, and staff. It was determined that the existing video management platform, Kaltura, would not meet the emerging needs of the campus. The University sought a platform that would be more user-friendly and better suited to the needs of active learning activities both in and out of the classroom. Desired functionality included advanced searchability, security, accessibility, in-video quizzing, and tools for student engagement such as discussions and notes. In 2018-19 the University piloted Panopto as a possible replacement for Kaltura and received strongly positive feedback on the platform from faculty, instructors, and students. Following the pilot, in summer 2019, Academic Technology Solutions recommended that the University adopt Panopto to be available for the entire campus, and this recommendation was approved. Panopto became available campus-wide on July 1, 2019.